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We are looking for your DJ mix to share with the world, if you think you qualify; please submit your mix, remixes or mash-ups to us.

We will review your mix and evaluate it’s quality, if we like it and think that it has what it takes to move, and inspire our listeners we will let you know that we are putting your mix into our rotation and give you credit.

If you have a DJ drop please send us the DJ Drop separately, DO NOT put it into the mix. If it’s already In the mix, let us hear it, to see if it will fit into our radio stream standards. We will add your DJ drop in the appropriate spots.

*** Please only submit your own mixes that you have authored, DO NOT send us mixes from other DJs.

If you are interested in submitting your mix, please e-mail us your interest and we will send you instructions on how to send it to us. If you already have it uploaded somewhere for us to listen to it, please include the link.

Thank you,

Alex Urbina

KJAMS Owner Operator


Santa Clarita, CA

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