If you were a young kid growing up in the mid 1980’s, you might remember this dancing movie that hit the box office like a storm. It wasn’t Flashdance and it wasn’t Footloose, it was a movie made by an independent film producer named David Zito; called Breakin’.

Breakin’ was not only a movie about passionate street dancers, the movie BreakiBreakin' movie covern’ was a phenomenon. Today the film is often referred to as a classic time capsule and cultural artifact of the 80’s, and has inspired many generation X’ers to be creative, live passionately,, and fully expressed.

KJAMS Radio recently sat down with the writer, and creator of the movie Breakin’ Mr. David Zito; to interview him on our radio show “The DJ Spotlight, with Alex Urbina and The World Famous DJ Hazze.

Here is a snippet of a phone interview we did with David. Make sure to click on the video podcast we did with David as he shares with our listeners about his new movie project he is working on.

KJAMS Staff – “There has been some rumors about a Breakin’ 3 movie for years, we were wondering if that’s something that you have been involved in, or plan to be involved in?”

DZ– “I had discussions with MGM back before my six year retreat home to take care of my mom and dad, I went back and forth with them about it, but nothing came of it so far.

You know, MGM will tell you that dozens and dozens of people have come into their office through the years to pitch their idea of a Breakin’ 3, but they never did it. Because how could they you know, they are not going to be able to get the original cast members to all work together, because that would be an insurmountable challenge. Franchises these days breakin photosare about getting all the the original people back to continue the story.

I heard a rumor the other night that Menahem Golan’s Nephew was going to do Breakin’ 3, Shabba-Doo also has his own movie, and Shrimp is on his own movie now; and I’m all for that. Go make your own movies, go and do it. The way I see it, it’s everybody’s birth right to be creative, so I’m not holding it against anybody that they are doing a movie; I’m actually rooting for them.

What I’m doing is a whole new movie, relevant for now, it’s called the Boogaloo Kid, and I have the legal right to say, from the creator of Breakin’ because I’m the writer on the writers guild contract that I signed. And Hip-Hop is all about authenticity and true authorship.”

KJAMS Staff -“Can you tell me a little bit about this new movie, and how you plan to create the same inspirational experience?”

DZ– “Yes, well that’s what it’s all about, I’m following the model of Breakin’ Im doing what I did on Breakin’ the first time. I came up with an inspirational story and I think it accurately reflects what’s going on in Hip-Hop, and what’s going on in the world; it’s got a message for today. I have re-connected with the community and done my research and my legwork. It’s all a question of trust, you get that by respecting them, and really enjoying the culture, and really being a fan of the culture.”

KJAMS Staff – “The actors that you chose for the Breakin’ movie obviously had something special and everyone loves them, do you think you’re gonna be able to re-create something like that?”

DZ – “Well I have Coco on board, I talk to everybody, my door has always been open, and it’s still open. Coco was the little boy in the Breakin’ movie that everyone fell in love with, and he really respects what I did for him. You know its amazing what an eight-year old can see, they come into a situation and they are not blind to anything, they don’t bring prejudice, and assumptions, and attitude, they just come in wide eyed, and Coco tobreakin venice sceneday, well he thanks me. He says “David, you we’re the only one who cared about us, and actually understands the art.”

So he’s on board, and of course Hanna his daughter is the same age that he was when he was in the movie, so they are on board. Lollipop is on board, Handyman is on board, Chris “Glove” Taylor is on board, and Popin Pete is on board too.

You have to remember that I found the talent for that movie, and I am confident that I will do it again for this movie too.”

KJAMS Staff – “Is there anything that “we” can do to help you fund the movie?”

DZ – “We are on I’m kind of regretting not setting up a gofundme page, but I might launch one simultaneously, so we can do them both side by side.

We just started the Indiegogo page a few days ago and we are asking for all the Breakin’ fan base who might still have some money left, and support this movie.

We have to get the word out in France and Germany too, England is a big territory for Breakin’, Australia is a Breakin’ fanatic, a collection of fans; they just really took to it. We gotta spread the word to every country.

Just help us spread the word…..”

KJAMS Staff -“Thank you so much David for taking the time to talk to me today?”

DZ – “It was my pleasure, thank you.”