Shabba-Doo is Breakin' it down with KJAMS

by Jazmine Urbina

Every once in a while a person will come along with the ability to discover their light; on rare occasions will they posses the courage to let it shine. Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quiñones leads by example, inspiring others to acknowledge their individuality and liberate their creativity through self-expression. Here’s a look on the intimate conversation KJAMS had with Shabba-Doo.

According to the hip-hop dance forefather, there is something spiritual about expressing our creativity, “we are as close to God as we can possibly be…,” said Shabba-Doo the original locker. “We emulate God in a lot of ways, he made us in his likeness… in that way we are creators, and as a creator I feel that connection.”

Shabba-Doo is Breakin' it down with KJAMS

We are most authentic when we identify with our spirit; we are inherently creative beyond measure with the ability to produce infinite imagination.

The Breakin star is well known for his role as Ozone, a self-aware street dancer with a fire in his heart. In a world that constantly told him no, Ozone continued to shine; reminding us that our voice was designed to be heard.

His ability to recognize his individuality and uniqueness changed the way people would think forever.

Inspired by the immense impact the films had on the world, Shabba-Doo continues to express himself wholeheartedly, radiating his light and illuminating a path for others to follow.

Dedicating every Saturday to students at the Performing Arts Center in Van Nuys, CA, Shabba-Doo teaches the power of dance. Emphasizing that dance is more than just physical movement, “My vision is to elevate young people physically and elevate their mind and spirit.”

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Here is a man who was born with a gift, knighted to teach self-expression by example, he embraces that gift and continues to serve others. Those abilities are what real leadership is about. Shabba-Doo is many things, a dancer, a teacher, choreographer, director, writer, ect. While the list is endless, the word that stands out amongst all the rest is torchbearer, described as a person who leads or inspires bringing truth and enlightenment.

When asked a series of questions his response was too pure to paraphrase:

KJAMS: What are you most proud of?

Shabba-Doo: In a general light I am very proud that my career, my dancing, has shaped and changed peoples lives in a lot of ways and inspired them to do the things that they desire to do with their lives. That in itself kind of encompasses everything

KJAMS: What do you hope to be remembered as?

Shabba-Doo is Breakin' it down with KJAMSShabba-Doo: “In my 40 plus years I have had different desires to be known and remembered as but at my age now I really want to be remembered as a person that made other people better.

Humbly spoken like a true torchbearer…

What’s next for Shabba-Doo?

The Kings of Crenshaw: Shabba-Doo’s personal journey, including his time with The Lockers and their influence on dance culture.

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A Breakin Uprising: Currently in development, Shabba-Doo has written a screenplay for another Breakin’ film.

Hip-Hop Hall of Fame: Shabba-Doo, along with rest of The Original Lockers will be inducted into the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame. The ceremony will be held on April 17th, 2015 in New York City.

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Shabba-Doo Is Breakin’ It Down With KJAMS

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